Tips of Protecting Your Eyes


eyebrow makeupOver the screens of monitors, many of us spend almost 80% of our time, not only in the office but at home. Returning from work, we sigh with relief and turn on the TV to watch your favorite program, or communicate with friends on social networks in their smartphones. Eyes plays a prominent role in face beauty.

Harmful factors

It becomes more difficult for the eyes every day to cope with the constantly increasing daily load. Some of us may experience uncomfortable sensations: dryness in the eye or burning sensation. Often they appear after 4 hours of continuous work at the computer.

To total computerization, additional factors such as climate (use of air conditioners, split systems in the room, exposure to ultraviolet radiation), environmental (that is, air pollution from industrial waste and transport), and processes associated with age-related changes. All this, unfortunately, creates an additional burden on our bodies of sight. The surface of the eye is protected by a tear, which consists of water, mucin and fat layers and covers the cornea with a thin film. If the tear fluid is produced in sufficient quantity, the cornea remains moist and protected from possible damage. Rapid eye fatigue is a kind of borderline condition. The body warns that our eye organs need urgent rest. You can not ignore such a signal of help,

What do you need to know?


The so-called computerized visual syndrome is manifested and perceived as a kind of fatigue. Burning in the eyes during a long work in front of the monitor can smoothly flow into painful sensations or decrease in visual acuity. Those who are somehow connected with working with modern gadgets and spend most of the time at the computer are familiar with such sensations.

Of course, one should not engage in self-medication and panic trying unchecked funds, picking up advice from wise old friends. It is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist who can not only establish the cause of discomfort but also select the correct and essential rehabilitation course for you.

How to help the eyes?

First, they need rest and observance of the simplest rules of hygiene of sight. Do not rub your eyes with dirty hands and try to touch them less! Blink often, and squeeze your eyelids tightly so that your eyes moisten. Do frequent breaks with your computer – at least every half hour.

Secondly, drops that possess a special complex of protective components will help you. For example, the drops moisturize, lubricate and restore the surface of the cornea and conjunctiva, bring rapid relief to dry and irritated eyes. They also eliminate discomfort when wearing contact lenses and relieve fatigue with excessive visual load: it can be a long work at the computer, along with a viewing of television programs or driving at night, when vision is especially strained.

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