Tips To Deal With Emotional Abuse In Various Situations


women sadWhatever it was, the violence must be stopped at the root. And today the editorial board “So Simple!” Will tell you how to do it. Tears here do not help, you need to act tough! Here are few useful tips to gain strength to deal with Emotional Abuse.

Moral violence

Very often under the yoke of the aggressor are people who have less power. For example, the aggressor is the only one who earns money in the family. But this is not a reason to restrict the freedom of another person. To the victim of emotional violence, in this case, it is very important to declare yourself.

If there is no opportunity to break the relationship, it is necessary to act. The first step the victim must make is to strengthen his confidence. If you intend to change these relationships, there are things that need to be said to start this process. And for every situation, they are different.

When the abuser decides for you

When you are ready, you must tell the aggressor: “Do you realize that you decide everything for me without asking my opinion? I have my own desires and needs. ”
It is important to be sure and to convey the idea that you want to make decisions yourself, that your feelings are also important. Be sure to say: “I am an independent person and deserve respect. ”

Emotional abuse in the family

When you are subjected to a tough and unconstructive criticism, bring to the abuser the fact that you are offended to hear such things, that it is unacceptable: “I do not like it when you talk to me in this tone, insulting me. Do not you understand that this is hurting me? ”

When the offender ignores your needs

it is important to defend your opinion, and not ask for help. Say: “I need it. I have the right to do this, my request is quite adequate. When you ignore my needs, it seems to me that you care about our relationship. I’m taking care of you and I expect that you will answer me the same . ”

When the aggressor turns to intimidation

Let me understand that you are uncomfortable, but do not show your fear: “Are you trying to intimidate me? I do not know what you think, but it’s very unpleasant and insulting to me. It’s hard to live with someone you’re afraid of, but I’d like to feel safe . ”

When aggression is directed at the child

It is important to protect the child from emotional violence so that it does not affect his psyche. The conversation can begin as follows: “You can not treat a child like this. Look at what you brought him to. I do not know about you, but I do not want to educate our child like that. If you want a child to hate you, you can continue in the same spirit . ”
emotional abuse is

Of course, this is not a magical spell and there is no certainty that these words will work in your case. But the conversation with something to begin with, if, of course, you want it. And may these words of confidence give you strength! Just remember the fact that it is very difficult to change an abuser, it is almost impossible. Our advice – as soon as possible get rid of communication with a toxic person. Whatever it was, you deserve better!

And how do you feel: is there any point in maintaining a relationship with someone who subjects you to moral violence, or is it better to get rid of such a relationship? Is it worth saving a family to the detriment of your own well-being? Share your opinion and tell your story in the comments!

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