10 Tips To Healthy Relationship


The world-renowned Indian spiritual leader, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, gives us wise tips to a healthy relationship with our beloved person immediately and replenish our relationship with blazing love and harmony.couple

1. Do not ask for evidence – take for granted that the other person loves you. Requirements kill love.

2. You can defeat every person and situation only with love. There is nothing in this world and in life that you can not win or overcome with love.

3. Every time a friend lies you, it’s because love takes precedence over the truth. If he tells the truth, one is afraid of losing love. The reason people often lie is because they do not want to lose the love of the other.

4. When someone touches you painfully with words or actions – know that it does with stress and strain. The reason to behave like this is because he is internally injured.

5. The key to a happy relationship depends on how you handle your own thoughts. That’s why it’s useful to learn how to soothe your mind and meditate even a few minutes a day.

6. When love turns into bitterness – wait and do not react – the bitterness will soon turn into love again. If you expect everyone in the world to be in constant enlightenment, that can not happen – be prepared to meet different emotions and reactions, that’s all.

7. Give the opposite freedom and space. When you love someone, you are able to suffocate him, you want to be together from morning till night. Do not turn into a hostage the man you love most.

8. If you over-love your love, the opposite will not know how to react. Just put yourself in his place – if someone starts to pour your attention, you’ll want to escape because they do not know how to answer it properly.

9. If you often need a special courting or satisfying desires – for the opposite, it can become tiring to please you all the time. The energy it consumes will deplete it more and more, which will reduce the joy of the moments together.

10. Craving is a sign of love. Where there is love, there is a yearning – where there is yearning, there is love. These are the two sides of the same coin that can not be separated. Where are we wrong then? When passion begins to fade slightly, one is in a hurry to end the relationship.

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