5 Tips to Lose Weight and Stay Slim in 2020


Among the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight . So, without delay, I decided to bring objective strategies that contribute to this valuable project. Here they go:weight-gain

1. Start something that you will keep for your entire life . Those diets with a beginning, middle and end are not usually a good one. Instead of betting on them, connect with yourself and be aware of what goes overboard. Avoid choosing a food (bread, for example) or a nutrient ( carbohydrate, for example ) as the bad guy in the story. There is no healthy food, but healthy food!

2. If you ever abuse, be kind to yourself . We all exaggerate on one occasion or another. Instead of making up for it the next day – eating less or training more – simply go back to a healthy pattern. When we try to compensate for a day of eating with another one of fasting, we lose the reference and start the seesaw of “eat everything or eat nothing”. This shuttle will make you suffer both ways.

3. When you are eager to eat a more caloric dish, ritualize that moment and consume it with maximum pleasure . Schedule the day, the time, the location, the company… I do this when I go to restaurants with my wife. And I enjoy every moment without a hint of guilt.

4. Which alcoholic drink is best for losing weight? If you are going to consume, choose your favorite. From a caloric point of view, the element that makes the difference is the alcohol content. The bigger it is, the more calories the drink will have per milliliter ingested. This information is important to adopt a conscious choice and aligned with your weight loss project.

5. To get your plan going, write down your goals and the steps you will take to achieve them . It can be on the cell phone or on a piece of paper. The important thing is that this reminder is visible during meals. It is more or less like putting a street address on the car’s GPS: the map reminds you of the route and, in case of a detour in another direction, it will serve as a guide to resume the route towards your destination.

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