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Mortar-pestleThe metal therapy in Ayurveda is part of the treatment and recovery of the tridosha balance. The use of compounds of various metals in Ayurveda is unique, in no other health improvement system this is not applied to such an extent. Metal treatment has been known since the times of ancient China and India, but it has been stubbornly rejected by most modern doctors, attributing only poisonous properties to metals. Today metallo therapy is part of alternative therapy. Paracelsus, a 16th-century doctor, said: "The right dose carries the difference between poison and medicine." Ayurveda also states: "Properly used poison acts like nectar, and misused nectar is like poison." The rules that must be strictly followed when using preparations containing metals (oxide) are as follows:

Minimal dose:

these medications are prescribed in milligrams and their dose is based on the strength and age of the patient.

Short duration of application: these drugs are not prescribed for a long period to prevent accumulation effect.

Anupan (medicine conductor): honey, melted butter, milk, vegetable juices (prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor depending on the patient, illness, etc.), which, also, reduces the risk of intoxication.

With great success, the ancient doctors of Ayurveda used specially processed metals: mercury, gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, etc., claiming that all the toxic properties of metals were removed with the proper processing and preparation of the metal per Ayurvedic prescriptions. The benefits of metal therapy have long been known in India. In various countries in ancient times used to eat and drink in vessels made from gold, silver, and copper. To store food and water, containers of different precious metals were also used.

Antibacterial properties of many metals are widely known. In times of terrible mora in Paris, half of the population died of cholera, as many in the vicinity. But, strangely enough, in the area of ​​copper smelting workshops, not a single person fell ill. An ancient Ayurvedic recipe is to keep the water in the copper pots water during the night and drink it in the morning immediately after awakening. Also, when metals (gold, silver, copper) are placed in water for a certain time, water is charged with metal ions and becomes much more useful for use.

It is recommended to take water ionized by the following metals:

Gold - people suffering from respiratory diseases, asthma, lung diseases, heart. Gold acts well on the brain, relaxes physically and mentally.

Silver - For people suffering from digestive problems (stomach, intestines, liver), urinary system problems. Silver has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. In the old days, milk was kept fresh for a long time, if silver coins were added to the dishes, as silver instantly killed pathogens of all types.

Copper - For people suffering from chronic and complex diseases (joint, paralysis, poliomyelitis), leprosy, hypertension, stress and mental stress. Copper is necessary for the body for various physiological functions (synthesis of different substances, protein metabolism, enzyme activity). It benefits in maintaining healthy bones, in blood, normal functioning of the nervous system of the body. (more about copper there will be a separate post).

To get ionized water should be used 10-20 grams of gold items (rings, bracelets, coins) per 1 liter of water; or silver 20 -50 gr. Pure silver (coins, dishes - small silver plates, spoons, forks); or 40 -50 gr. Copper (coins, dishes, small plates or pieces of copper).

Preparation of ionized water: In a steel vessel (do not use aluminum) put the picked up metal (1 species, or all 3 of the above), pour 1 liter of water, boil until half is left. Remove metal, strain through gauze, cool. The resulting water, charged with metal ions, is ready for use. Drink 1 cup of warm, charged water in the morning and evening. The water changes noticeably even without boiling.

When using metal-ionized water is not recommended to use acidic foods (pickles, lemons). In modern Ayurvedic preparations prepared according to ancient recipes, ash (bhasma) of metals is used as one of the ingredients. In the preparation of preparations containing metals, special methods of purification are used, at the same time enhancing potential qualities.

Purify toxic metals in various ways: soaking and boiling in a variety of herbal formulations, as well as repeated burning (up to a thousand times), after which remains a white powder (metal oxide), safe for humans. Bhasma (ash) is the final product of metal processing. It is a very fine powder, from which metal cannot be extracted in any way. Control over the quality of manufacturing of such preparations in decent companies is very strict, including, among other things, checking the particle size and the ability to return to the original state (in metal). Of the 23 metals, Ayurveda uses copper, gold, silver, iron, zinc, lead, mercury, arsenic most widely. Import of these drugs in the US is prohibited, but in India and some other countries they are available.

The manufacture of Rasayan with derivatives of heavy metals related more to the ancient spiritual alchemical tradition, than directly to Ayurveda. Clinical trials of these drugs have shown that, when properly dosed, no toxic substances remain in the tissues of the body, not even mercury, which undergoes a very complex processing process (up to 8 processing steps, several weeks each), until it is suitable as a medicine. Medicines with mercury powder are made by careful recipe and are taken under the supervision of a doctor for anemia, severe cough, ulcer, herpes, intestinal parasites.

Presence of processed metals in Ayurvedic preparations is very common. For example, in Mahayograj Guggulu "the greatest king of medicinal formulas".

Ingredients: Guggul resin, Triphala, lead ash, silver, tin, iron, mica, ferrous sulfate and mercury sulphide, as well as many herbs, mainly with a sharp taste. Another of the most famous ayurvedic rasayan (rejuvenating drugs) - makardhwaj consists of purified sulfur and mercury, which, depending on the specific disease, are added camphor, nutmeg, cloves, black pepper, and other minerals, for example, gold. This drug has a stimulating, improving metabolism, aphrodisiac action and is a tonic for the heart. With a low level of vital energy and chronic diseases, he does not know himself equal in energy impact. Also, it perfectly tones the nervous system. (These drugs are considered only in terms of the presence of metals, without specific recommendations).

General overview of bhasm:

Preparations of Gold  (Swarna bhasma) are prescribed for tuberculosis, schizophrenia, poisoning, intestinal parasites.

Preparations of Silver (Rajata bhasma) are prescribed as an aphrodisiac, anti-aging, improving intelligence. It is also used for diabetes, vitiligo, anemia, tuberculosis, poisoning, ulcers.

Preparations of Copper (Tamra bhasma) prescribed for anemia, digestive disorders, tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, ulcer, intestinal parasites, gonorrhea.

Iron preparations (Loha Bhasma) are prescribed as an aphrodisiac, anti-aging, for anemia, diabetes, tuberculosis, ulcers, obesity, indigestion (indigestion), poisoning, skin problems.

There are known stories with patients with multiple sclerosis, from which medicine refused, considering this disease incurable. Ayurvedic doctors prescribed in this case drugs containing gold, arsenic, mercury, and calcium. It can not be said that the illness left the person completely, but it became possible to lead a healthy life.

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