Tricks to Stop Smoking Without Anxiety


Are you the group of people who habitually use tobacco? If so, perhaps you are looking for a way to leave it once and for all. It is not easy to quit smoking, especially for people who have been consuming it for many years and have become part of their routine.quit smoking

Vapo: the electronic cigarette that helps you stop smoking

One of the most frequent problems that usually happens when you are trying to quit smoking is the need and desire that arise from smoking a cigarette from time to time. This is very connected with habits and routines , for example, the need to smoke can be triggered after eating, when having a coffee, when you are partying or when you are waiting. These actions that may be associated with smoking are the main causes of most relapses in smoking.

That’s why a more efficient solution is to find a substitute for the cigar , that’s why Vapo has created electronic cigarettes or vapes that work with special liquids and whose advantages you can read below.

Advantages of electronic cigarettes

Vaping helps against the need to smoke a cigarette, in fact, buying one is a fantastic choice if you are trying to quit smoking . Some studies have shown that it is safer than tobacco in relation to diseases such as cancer or cardiovascular problems . On the other hand, the savings in money that is not negligible at all.

It is recommended to invest in a good quality electronic cigarette because many who want to quit smoking miss some power to satisfy the need to smoke and avoid cigarettes. The cheaper the product, the less power it has and, therefore, less satiety . Another notable advantage is that it does not leave the bad taste produced by tobacco smoke, and there are also liquids of different flavors from which you can choose the one you like the most. It is a good idea when quitting because you can avoid tobacco more often, since electronic cigarettes, like normal cigarettes, have nicotine-containing liquids. You can start the process of quitting tobacco with a electronic cigarette and a liquid that has a high amount of nicotine and reduce that amount every week or every two weeks until your last cigarette date (in case you have decided to put one). Another advantage is that once you decide to smoke your last cigarette, you can continue using vaping but with the least amount of nicotine possible. Thus, against any need to use tobacco and in any situation, you can use your electronic cigarette and satisfy yourself.

Tips to stop smoking without anxiety

Observe these fundamental tips that will help you quit smoking too and that accompanied by an electronic cigarette are very effective:

  • The most important thing is to propose with all your strength that you want to stop smoking and be willing to do so and fulfill your goals.
  • Try not to quit smoking at once , it is shown that in most cases there is an anxiety which leads you to return to a cigarette. Therefore, it is better that you decrease the dose consumed day after day. You can choose to combine tobacco with an electronic cigarette, that is, smoke a cigarette but the next time you need to smoke consume your electronic cigarette, to reduce the amount of normal cigarettes. If you can satisfy your need using only the electronic cigarette a few days after you have proposed to stop smoking do not hesitate to do so.
  • It would be a good option to set a date which will be the last day you go to smoke, and until that date try to consume less each day and when that date comes you should smoke your last cigarette. If you exceed the first three days, the others tend to be easier since you reduce your anxiety in wanting to smoke.
  • You can propose to do activities that you like or even do new things. Try to be distracted so that boredom does not lead you to consume a cigarette. In addition, the electronic cigarette has a lot of steam, so it might even be fun to play with the smoke to entertain you and not think about tobacco.
  • One of the most important things that you have to fulfill if you have proposed to quit smoking, is that you should not consume another cigarette when you have decided not to smoke anymore, in fact, you should not even take a puff, that if you do it the safest thing is that you relapse and fall back into addiction.
  • If at any time your desire to smoke increases, do not hesitate to distract yourself with something to forget that desire. You can exercise , this will help you relax and clear up, so do not hesitate to go out or just walk around the house for an hour or wherever you are at that moment.
  • Go to bed early so that your stress levels are not high and avoid drinking tea or coffee, as well as alcohol.
  • It is common for people who are quitting to get fat so it is recommended to eat foods without fat and light , eating more fruit and vegetables.
  • Having the support of all the people you care about will make this process easier.

Now that you have the essentials to start quitting, do not hesitate to go to any Vapo store where they will advise you and inform you as much as possible so that you can achieve your goal and then choose and acquire the electronic cigarette with the flavor liquid what do you like? We also encourage you to follow all the tips described above to leave behind the smoking habit .

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