12 Types of Guys To Avoid Marrying


Creating a family is a very important step, because the chosen person will become your life partner. Therefore, before going with him to the registrar, it would be great to know him as well as possible.man woman

Each woman in the depths of her heart dreams of a prince, but it often happens that in the end the prince turns out to be a scoundrel who spoils her whole life. But no matter how a man tries to hide his true nature, sooner or later she still pops up. Therefore, no matter how trite it may sound, but the choice of a husband should be approached very responsibly.

Today we will tell you about 12 types of men with whom it is better not to mess with.

1. Unreleased former
Very often there are such individuals who do not stop comparing their current woman with their former passion. They are sure that in this way they will be able to get much more from their current partner.

You should not go with such a crown, because the relationship will not be stable, and the woman will suffer first of all.

2. Ardent perfectionist
Such a man has a carriage and a small cart of requirements for absolutely everything: from clothes and shoes to food, home and household expenses.

For a woman there is very little place in his life, as he is never completely sure that you are the one that deserves him. Marriage with such a partner in almost 100 percent of cases ends in complete disappointment.

3. Inexperienced virgin

If you met a man for whom you are the first love, remember that he is completely inexperienced, and that is fraught with your suffering in the future. He cannot even imagine what you need and what he needs to do.

4. Aggressive

Such a man is not shy in expressions and loves to let go. His verbal aggression is not only offensive epithets, but also sarcasm or irony. He says something like a joke, but in fact it hurts quite painfully and does not look harmless at all.

When dealing with such a man, remember that a self-confident person does not need to humiliate another, assert himself at someone’s expense in order to prove his strength.
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5. Active rebel

Strange, but quite a lot of women like men who live their lives outside the law. Probably, you may think that with such a man you will always feel safe. However, sooner or later one of his riots will be against your union, because such is his nature, which you cannot change.

6. Boastful lover of others’ merits

Such a man will always show off and show off at the expense of the woman who is next to neither. He regularly ascribes all your merits to his beloved, he humiliates you and does not show the slightest respect.

Throughout all your relationships, you will be for him only his own shadow, he will never appreciate you.

7. Lover to control everyone and everything

He controls your every move. He hacks your pages on social networks, you have to report to him for each of his actions every minute, she looks at your phone, reading all the correspondence. And the thing is that he does not trust you.

Sooner or later, you will become cramped in such a relationship, they will choke you, and you will want freedom, and not remain in the cage.

8. Pathological liar

He always adjusts his opinion for a specific situation and never answers direct questions. Blame can not be exclusively treason, you just always feel like you’re walking through a swampy area and absolutely do not know where the quagmire is, but where the next bump is.

It often happens that women paired with a pathological deceiver begins to slowly go crazy.

9. Mama’s Boy

Of course, up to a certain age, any man is a sissy, but most still outgrow this age. And when in any strange situation, an adult man immediately runs to cry to his mother, this should cause concern.

Being married to such a man, you will not decide anything together, all will be led by the mother-in-law. Do you dream about it?

10. Womanizer

This handsome man quickly establishes contacts with your friends, while not losing the opportunity to flirt or play on one of them. Of course, having him does not bother you at all.

His friends in social networks are mostly beautiful and young ladies. As a rule, such a man is not ready for close relations, he is afraid of them. Therefore, as soon as he feels that the distance between you is shrinking, he will immediately leave.

11. Macho Man

Macho is very stylish, he is involved in sports and is proud of his inflated body. However, such a man in most cases is busy with his figure, all his attention is directed to his body, but not to women. Therefore, to create a family with such is a waste of time.

12. Scrooge McDuck

Such a man is always an egoist, for whom material goods and money will always come first. And even if he has absolutely everything for a good life, including a beautiful wife, he will always be little enough, he will not be pleased.

Such a man seeks to luxury in everything, and his wife, unfortunately, is just another decoration that you need to brag to all your friends and acquaintances.

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