Types of Couples and Their Relationships


Did you know that there are different types of relationship? Find out what features they have and how their members relate, by reading this article!couple

Types of couples according to psychology

The types of relationship of couples that can be found are as many as types of people exist in the world . In this way, you will be able to appreciate how the type of choice of couple or love will determine, different kinds of sentimental relationships.

There are couples in which the relationship is almost “symbiotic”, that is, it is based on a permanent situation of being and doing everything together. Other types of relationship of couples allow greater freedom and autonomy and maintain a relationship of couple in which each, in addition to sharing a couple space, has its own spaces.

The types of relationship of couples will depend on the ways of choosing a couple that people have . The choice of couple can be based on the family models with which the person has been raised and depending on this and other aspects such as their history, their culture and social values ​​as well as the situation or present, will result in a type of choice of couple.

In this sense, there are those who:

  • They choose a couple based on wanting to be loved,
  • They choose their partner because they need to give love,
  • They prefer a type of maternal or paternal type in the sense of being cared for.

In short, there are several aspects that will configure the different kinds of relationships. Beyond large models that can be described, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, each pair will be determined by the characteristics of its members and this is going to be the reason that each couple has a unique feature .

In short, the types of relationship of couples are determined by the type of choice of love that each member of them has. This is how you can find the following types of love relationships.

Liberal couple

Those who decide to engage in this type of love as a couple, enter into a very particular relationship in which they must be very clear about the limits and rules from the beginning. This type of love relationship is based on that neither has the right to claim anything from the other, since each of the parties can go separately and even have appointments with other people.

Possessive couple

Its members like to maintain absolute control over the different aspects of their partner’s life. For this reason, you will always see them go out together, whether to parties, sporting events, etc., and they even talk about everything and they do not keep any secrets. It should be noted that in these conjugal relationships, jealousy plays a very important role.

Indifferent couple

Among the different types of couples, this has the particularity that they are not usually very demonstrative in terms of the affection or feeling that united them. They tend to argue often and do not show great interest in each other’s lives, but nevertheless they remain together .

Payment Management Couple cloying

They are exactly the opposite of the indifferent couple. In this case the love of a couple is constantly demonstrated, they do not stop kissing and hugging, both privately and publicly. These types of relationship is typical of young couples, who also do not skimp on sending messages with cloying and cheesy phrases throughout the day.

Dependent couple

The main characteristic of this kind of relationship is that one of its members is completely subject to the other. Who plays the dominant role in the relationship, thinks and influences the different aspects of their partner’s life , from dress to friendships, work, etc. This type of relationship can be very dangerous, and can lead to depression and even suicide in those who are dependent at the time of ending the relationship.

Destructive couple

They are one of the worst types of love relationships, since they are totally unhealthy and are based on conflict and constant discussion. They have the negative peculiarity of always finding topics and situations to fight and face each other, which can end verbal and even physical violence.

Mature couple

It could be said that it is almost the type of perfect and ideal partner within conjugal relationships. Its members bet on mutual respect on all things. Although they share many things : outings, hobbies, feelings, etc., they also cultivate their personal lives, achieving a perfect balance between both aspects.

Tips to improve the relationshiplove

Life as a couple can be very rewarding and enriching for both members or it can be transformed into hell. In part, it depends on you and your ability to overcome daily difficulties and conflicts, the nuance that you take. To help you with this laborious but rewarding task, I recommend you take a look at the following tips. You will love it!

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  • Tips to improve coexistence . You will find tips that will surely help you improve your life with your partner, making it more harmonious and rewarding for both.
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