7 Benefits Of Weight Training For Females


woman-lifting-weightsIt is a stereotype known by all that many women only do cardio workouts and that they never step on the fitness room of the gym, although weight exercises for women have many benefits.

It is a reality that the world has changed a lot in terms of the vision of women and weights and that it changes every day, but it is very likely that you will hear comments like “you will gain too much muscle” or “watch to not start looking like a man “And with comments like these, it’s normal for women not to get off the treadmill. However, weight exercises have many benefits for women.

It is time for women to expand their training, which will allow them to improve both physically and mentally and achieve the results they want.

Benefits of Weight Training for Women

1. Burns Fat weight-loss

The first of the benefits of weight exercises for women is related to fat burning . Numerous studies conducted by Dr. Wayne Westcott of the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Massachusetts, have shown that women who exercise with weights two or three times a week for 2 months can gain 1 kg of muscle and lose 1 , 5 kg of fat, so they get a body with less fat and stronger.

When there is an increase in lean muscle mass, your basal metabolism also increases, which means you burn more calories a day.

It has been calculated that for every half kilo of muscle you gain, you can burn an additional 50 calories a day.

2. You gain muscle but without looking like a giant

One of the reasons why women stay well away from the fitness room is because of the fear of becoming giants. Girls, do not worry. Add weight exercises to the gym routines allows you to increase strength and muscle definition, but without gaining volume.

To gain volume through weight exercises women would need 10 or 30 times more hormones than they have, so without an additional hormonal supplement, it is impossible for women to become giants, so calm.

Women will gain toning and definition, which are always appreciated.

3. Reduces the risk of injury

Weightlifting exercises not only create lean muscle mass or increase strength. Another benefit of weight exercises for women is that they strengthen and improve the connective tissues that surround the muscles and joints, which helps to have more stability and reduces the risk of injury.

Recent studies have shown that weight-based exercises in certain areas of pain or injury to strengthen the muscles and joints that surround them have between 70 and 80% more success in eliminating or relieving pain.

4. Makes you stronger

Add weight exercises can make you much stronger, which helps you in your day to day.

Add strength training three times a week can increase strength in women between 30 and 50% and these women can develop their strength at the same level as men.

5. Improves Athletic Abilitygirl jumping

Most scientific studies concerning weightlifting exercises for women have shown that strength training improves athletic ability and results in better results in a wide variety of sports.

Therefore, whether you like to run, swim or play team sports, strength training will increase the time you train, improve your technique, reduce the risk of injury and improve your overall performance.

6. Better Sleepsleep

Who does not like the idea of ​​sleeping more? It has been suggested that strength training can improve the quality of sleep.It makes you fall asleep faster, you sleep more deeply and you wake up less frequently at night.

7. You have a more positive attitude

The strength training makes you get the physique you so desire, you feel more confident about yourself and you feel more able to do anything you set your mind to.

Strength training also makes you release dopamine, a neurotransmitter involved in happiness that is responsible for the feelings of pleasure and happiness that make people who train have a more positive attitude.

A study conducted at Harvard University for 10 weeks showed that including strength training reduces depression more effectively than therapy.


These are only a few benefits of the many that have weight exercises for women.

Not only does it increase self-confidence, it also improves physical fitness and makes you gain lean muscle mass and less fat, which makes women more fit, healthier and stronger.

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