What Attracts Younger Woman To Older Man


Next to an adult man, you can often see as his companion a very young girl. At the sight of such pairs, no one is surprised why the man chose his young. But what attracts young girls to solid, with gray hair on the temples, men? Do such a relationship have a chance of success?girl with day makeup

In this article, you will learn about the benefits that mature men have in front of their young brethren.

1. Experience and culture

Men are like wine. With age they become better. A person who lived on earth naturally suffered many everyday storms, having developed a philosophical attitude towards them. Now they are more mature to understand that things do not always happen the way they want. And they have the main thing – the ability to extinguish conflicts. By the age of 40 the man has already taken place, is at the peak of his career. They know what they want, and they insist on it. They, as a rule, are well brought up. Meeting a man older than himself, a young woman gets a sense of her own exclusivity.

2. Finance

At a more mature age, the basic life principles have already settled, much has been achieved in life and, most importantly, everyone has a clear idea of ​​what he wants, what he can and what he wants. A mature man has an idea of ​​how money is made, intelligently distributes his income and will be able to take care of a savings account to provide for his family.

3. Intimate Relationships

With age, men become less demanding, they are less concerned with their own feelings and experiences, they are increasingly giving their quivering feelings to a woman. Sex with a man who has crossed the forty-year line, as a rule, is of the highest quality. Mature men are not afraid to talk about what they want and what their partner wants. He will better listen to the needs of women and feel that it gives her the greatest pleasure. Sexual activity of an adult partner is reduced only if he leads a low-activity lifestyle and abuses alcohol and tobacco.

4. They want a family

Most women dream of a strong, stable relationship. Mature men with life experience can give it to them, because they themselves are striving for a stable union. They love comfort and are ready to organize for the woman a quiet cozy life, where nothing will interfere with enjoying each other’s company.

Women, tired of short-lived and immature relationships, can find a more satisfactory and more stable relationship with a more senior man than, for example, a guy at the age of 20. A mature man looks long at the future partner, but if a woman awakens interest in him and proves her willingness to live together, then next to her will be a reliable and caring partner in life, able to turn a blind eye to all her shortcomings.

5. Gourmet taste

When it comes to such subtle things as wine, food, beer, travel and clothing, etc., mature men tend to choose more refined. First, they can afford it, and secondly, they are simply well versed in this. They also know that when it comes to the quality of food and drinks – it is not always connected with the price. You do not need to eat in a 5-star restaurant to enjoy a meal. You can find an inexpensive place, where 5-star quality food and drinks are served with much better service. They understand the “value for money”.

6. Good chefs

Adult men can cook and take care of themselves. And women find it very sexy, if a man cooks well. No wonder the best chefs in the world are men. When a man prepares, he thinks only of cooking, he does it with passion.

7. Take care of health

Yes, they like to drink wine or beer, and many smoke. But, as a rule, by the age of 40, they understand what this all is fraught with. It is much less common to meet mature smoking men than at a younger age. Young people do not think about the harmful consequences. A man of age is inclined to pay more attention to his health. They are more likely to attend gyms, and they can often be met on a jog. They like to spend their money on things such as travel and spare parts for their car or bicycle, and not for all kinds of unintelligible fun.

8. They want children

Strange as it may seem, but mature men are much easier to decide on a young man for addition to the family. And the conclusion of British scientists is this: a mature man has a better chance of producing healthy children than a young man who has hormones that are raging. Fathers-teenagers, as a rule, are poorer than men over forty, they have worse education. Therefore, they are less likely to provide their pregnant wives with medical care that would avoid problems in the child. Children of fathers begin their life in more favorable starting conditions. But this does not apply to men approaching 60 years of age. There’s just the opposite.

A positive aspect is the fact that a young wife will pursue a husband with more experience and more wise than she and develop all the time. In such unions, women begin to feel more mature and more confident. In relations with an older man, there are both pluses and minuses. But we will talk about this next time.

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