What Happens When You Stop Exercising Suddenly


Even when you have the best intentions, your life can get in the way and not allow you to continue with your training routine .

Whatever the cause of this, the absence of exercise will cause you to lose part of the progress you have made so far.

This is 5 different scenarios where you can see what happens to your body when you give up physical exercise for a while. Also learn how to retrain in the best way.

You had a terrible month at work and left your routine at the gym

If you stop for a month , you will begin to notice how some areas of your body become more flaccid and you will see that you will shake a bit more when climbing a ladder.gym-excercise

In a study conducted on people who had started a routine 2 months ago, it was found that they achieved a 46 percent increase in strength .

After leaving him for a month, his strength had dropped by 23 percent . It should be noted that you are still better than before you started with the exercise routine , but much lower than when you were exercising.

In this study it was also noted that the more time the exercises have been performed, the less physical capacity reduction during the month in which it is stopped.

This is how a person training to run a triathlon saw their forces decrease by only 10 percent.

You used to train with weights in the gym, but in the last few months you have only dedicated yourself to cardiovascular exercises such as jogging: 

In this case your aerobic health should be fine, although you should notice that your strength and the toning of your muscles has gone down.

If you have not been doing any weight training , you have probably lost some muscle and gained some fat.

Either way, you probably do not notice any change in the balance . “Incredibly, studies have shown that it does not matter if you let run weights, or you stop doing all kinds of physical exercise , the muscle loss is the same.” – says Wayne Westcott, doctor of sports science.  “Running and other cardiovascular exercises do not tend to form too much muscle” To avoid this, try to add some weight exercises to your cardiovascular exercises, at least to maintain what you achieved in the previous months at the gym .

Try exercising from home  and you will see how you manage to stay healthy.

You used to train to run half-marathons, but you decided to give some weeks of rest: 

A break like this does not have too many problems from the aerobic point of view for someone who really is in a good cardiovascular state.

“Surely lose some competitiveness , although you can recover to reach your times in just a few days” – explains Westcott – “Just do not expect to return to the same level the first day.”

You started doing yoga, but you miss your Crossfit classes, which you left a few months ago:

Changing one type of exercise to another is not necessarily a bad thing .

What yes, do not expect to highlight or change training well.

A case in point is that of Lance Armstrong, the best cyclist of his time . When Lance decided to try marathons, he did not get good results at the beginning .

This is given, since each type of training is specific. So if you left Crossfit classes for yoga classes , you probably have less strength, although you may notice a little more elongation.

You have had some type of injury and have not been able to train in the last 6 months: 

In this case, you have definitely lost muscle and gained fat (as if you had not had enough with the injury).

It is very important that when you return you do it very slowly , without forcing your body. Half of what you lifted may be too much weight .

During times when you’re injured, we recommend increasing your protein intake , so you do not lose so much muscle.

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