What Type Of Skin Do I Have : Out of 5 Types


woman looking in mirrorEach woman has a different skin type , exerting individual treatment with appropriate moisturizers, washing face gels, shower gels, creams and many other products coming up to different fabrics.

There are several types of skin allergic to artificial tissues for which only cotton is beneficial. That’s why it’s essential to know yourself better and to be aware of the needs of your skin so you can properly care for it,

Below we will give you information about the different types of skin, hoping that you will easily recognize your own in one of the categories. In addition, we’ll give you some tips on how to treat your skin, depending on its type.

To get your skin to the right category faster, we offer you a gentle wash and dry face , then wait a few hours to find out exactly how it feels. Finally, grab the wipes and press them to certain areas, checking whether or not a certain oil is visible.

Skin Types:

1. Normal skin:

  • not too oily or too dry; the appearance of the same in all areas
  • there are some differences in pigmentation and tones
  •  there are no visible imperfections and the pores are almost unobtrusive
  • looks clean and smooth
  • a minimum amount of furrows or wrinkles
  • the skin does not feel dry, stretched or oily even at the end of the day
  • appropriate products: cucumber extract lotions (they give the skin the necessary hydration and shine) and an exfoliant containing alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) against wrinkles.

2. Oily skin:

  • has a glossy appearance due to fat
  • large and visible pores
  • presence of acne, spots and black spots
  • suitable products: citrus-based cleansers to make the skin dry; exfoliants (recommended to use regularly); appropriate nutritional products (even when the skin is oily, it needs hydration).

3. Dry skin:

  • Has no shine
  • Presence of red and scaly areas
  • Small pores
  • Low level of elasticity
  • Early appearance of light furrows and wrinkles
  • Suitable products: deeply moisturizing products as your skin needs more elasticity and nourishment ; avoid friction during bathing or drying; do not use rough cleaning agents.

4. Combined skin:

  • The combination of oily and dry skin makes it difficult to maintain
  • The areas around the chin, nose and forehead can be very greasy, and the rest of the face – too dry
  • Large pores and predisposition to the appearance of blackheads
  • Appropriate products: creams with rosemary extract; it is important to use different products for different areas – oily areas are treated in one way, and dry ones – on another.

5. Sensitive skin:

  • Presence of scaly and red areas
  • Tendency to  develop rashes and irritations – appropriate products: tea tree extract products for calming effect; avoid substances with too rough texture; buy products with “For sensitive skin”.

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