Why Are Your Hangovers So Bad Now


alcohol-hangoverIn youth, the hangover seemed to be something unreal, like a terrible fairy tale. Any alcoholic adventures were experienced with ease and fun: spend the whole night at the bar, and then go to couples – but who did not. So why now, at a more mature age, almost any alcoholic libations in the morning are perceived as horrible torture? Now we will disclose a little secret to you.

Excess Weight

With age, many simply do not have time to maintain a form, which directly affects the body. The amount of fat increases, and this, among other things, increases the sensitivity to alcohol. The fact is that fat is not able to absorb alcohol, so it is not processed correctly.

Lack of Water

Few people know that with age, the percentage of water in the body decreases. The less water, the higher the concentration of alcohol, the processing of which becomes not so simple. That’s the whole secret of the “saving” glass of water since morning.

Weakening of Immunity

The American organization, National Institute on Aging, refers to the gradual weakening of the immune system as one of the main factors leading to death. Simply put, at age 45 you will recover after alcoholic libations much longer than at 25.


Not the last value has a habitual way of life. A person healthy and accustomed to physical exertion will be easier to cope with unpleasant hangover syndromes. But for those who are used to spending more time in the bar than in the gym, the payoff for fun seems to be unbearable.

Betrayal of the Liver

As you age, your liver produces less alcohol dehydrogenase. This enzyme is responsible for the destruction of two types of alkaloids, ethanol, and methanol. Alcohol lasts longer in the body and causes more harm.

Caffeine Rescue

To remove a heavy headache after the evening libations will help ordinary coffee. The fact is that caffeine very effectively blocks the effect of adenosine – it is this chemical compound that causes a headache.

Protein Dope

Gastroenterologist Jason Burke of the American Institute of Health, recommends another way to quickly clean up. To do this, you need to drink a glass of chocolate milk with a spoon of protein. Such a cocktail will charge the body with an amino acid cysteine, which helps to process alcoholic toxins faster.

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