Why Is It Important To Focus on Positive Aspects


health-activitiesFear has the property of a magnet to attract the likelihood of an adverse event. When a person is afraid of something, he concentrates on this, fear increases. The event can be both positive and negative, but the mechanism of the concentration will remain the same. The more we think about fear, the more it grows and overflows us. We need to understand as best as possible how attention is concentrated and what it can lead to.

When concentrating on a particular situation, we seem to be connected to the Internet and absorb information – in our case, negative, which is associated with fear. By the force of our attention, we nourish our fear. For example, pop stars cannot live long without seeing the support of the viewer – it’s a habit. This principle is based on concentration, the modeled reality. We must understand what level of thoughts can lead to because they have the property to materialize.

Unfortunately, we do not always notice when we concentrate on the good and when to the bad. Everything happens on an emotional level. Do not forget, if you are afraid of something, this will happen to you. You attract this information to yourself. This forms all the magic of controlling the real life of a person. Hence we can conclude that we can choose independently what event will happen to us tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, in a year.

Think about what you basically concentrate your mind on. Concentration is possible on good events – do not think about fear and negativity. And if such thoughts are still bothering you, switch your attention to something else, for example, read something. If something bad has happened to you, do not hurry upset, keep your head high. Remember how you behave mentally now, and you should expect that in the future. At this point in your event, you need to find a good, positive episode that, on the scales, will gradually “outweigh” the negative impact on your consciousness. If you want to achieve results, think only of the good! Everything depends on you. Choose a positive, and everything in your life will be wonderful.

In practice, it is proved that everything that happens in the external life of a person has its reflection within each of us. I wonder why it all happens in this way, why it happens exactly with you, what is happiness and how to preserve it? Why do other people influence your life, why do they need it at all? How does the outside world affect us, what or who is leading this process?

Each of us has five organs, through which we have the opportunity to perceive this world: the eyes are our eyesight; ears – hearing; nose to sniff; mouth to perceive the taste of food; and finally, the skin is our sensations. But all these organs have certain limitations, we can not see the ultraviolet rays or hear all the existing frequencies of sounds. The fact is that the main organ of perception, without which no one can exist, is the brain.

The ears perceive sound; impulses are formed and transmitted to the brain, only then becomes a sound for perception. People who have no hearing can not simply perceive sounds, but this does not mean that they do not exist. External influence on a person is not all information that a person is capable of perceiving, we ourselves can not guess what our brain is capable of.

The inner world is a component of a person’s personality, given in our head, namely feelings, values, opportunities, giftedness, understanding. The brain perceives all information with the help of our inner world.

For example, Arick has an important meeting near the house of culture with a girl who must have a white bag. Naturally, in the attention of Arick will be only girls who will have a white bag in their hands. The next day at the same Arick meeting with a solid man of the age. Do you think he will pay attention to women’s handbags this day? And if they agreed to meet near the house number 37? Naturally, all attention will be paid to the numbering of houses. With the help of these examples, we saw that our brain itself selects the necessary information according to the inner world.

Let’s imagine the following situation: Arick comes home in a good mood, the day is successful, the work is orderly. A house is a mountain of unwashed dishes. Would he react to this? Most likely, he will not react – because everything is lovely for him! It’s another matter when it comes after a bad day: the meeting did not take place, the headache, the car did not start, it was raining outside. After such a day at home, a scandal begins because of unwashed dishes, and if there were no dishes, there would be another reason.

We see that the inner world influences the external. The choice should be made by ourselves, what to notice, and what to ignore and how to react to it. Our outer life is a mirror reflecting the inner world. It would seem that every day is unique, but we face the same questions, problems, challenges, failures. We want to solve the problem once and for all, but we can not do it, why? Why is there no happiness? Yes, because we wanted to see ourselves as such, in such circumstances it is our choice. You are on the verge of failure; now there will be a grandiose scandal at home. And who determined this line, who plans a scandal – you all started, are to blame.

Our brain gives us the opportunity to build our world, we are in control of circumstances and can change everything around us. It remains to learn how to improve not only your appearance but your inner world, remember, we build our happiness.

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