Why Do Pimples Come Out in the Neck


Acne is a fairly common condition that consists of the appearance of bumps or pimples on the skin and, sometimes, full of pus, due to the accumulation of fat in a certain area of ​​the skin. This problem of the skin, in addition to being unsightly, can also become annoying, as granites can cause other symptoms such as the appearance of itching wounds and can hurt if they become infected. Although these elevations tend to appear mainly in parts of the face such as the forehead, chin and nose, they can also develop in other parts of our body such as the neck or head.women-hair

However, if you suddenly have these protuberances have emerged in an excessive way, it is normal that you get to ask: ” why do pimples come out in the neck? “.

Neck pimples due to contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis can be one of the possible reasons why pimples leave the neck. Contact dermatitis is a condition where the skin suffers an inflammation after being in direct contact with a certain substance . There are two types of dermatitis: the one that is produced by friction against an irritating element such as hair dyes, detergents, solvents or shampoos, or that which is caused by contact with an allergen.

In the case of the appearance of pimples on the neck, it is more likely that the cause was a dermatitis due to contact with an allergen that is probably found in perfumes, soaps and creams that have been applied in this area.

It is also possible that we have applied some products on the skin of the neck and have reacted at the time when we have been exposed to sunlight . Some of the products that produce this allergy are shaving lotions, ointments and sunscreen.

Grains in the neck that itch for lack of hygiene

Another cause of the appearance of these pimples on the neck could be poor hygiene. The neck is an area that we do not usually give importance to and we generally overlook it in our daily personal hygiene. However, it is an area that we should give the relevance it really has, because due to lack of cleanliness and constant contact with other areas such as the face and hair accumulates in the neck the sebum that is produced in these parts and other dirt debris.

Therefore, due to this accumulation of sebum due to lack of hygiene, these protuberances or pimples appear in the neck. To prevent pimples and other infections caused by acne, it is recommended that we wash daily applying an antibacterial soap and water in the neck area.

Hormonal neck pimples

Disorders or hormonal changes could also be another reason for the appearance of acne in the neck area. Acne is a very common condition in stages such as puberty or pregnancy , since there are usually some alterations in the hormones that cause an increase in sebum in the skin.

In addition to puberty and pregnancy, pimples on the neck can also be caused by another phenomenon known as hormonal acne . This condition appears in 30% of women older than 25 years and in 5% of men of this age, being the main cause of the increase of male hormones or androgens, a very common symptom in disorders such as ovarian syndrome polycystic .

Why pimples come out of the neck – other causes

In addition to the above reasons, the appearance of pimples on the neck can also be caused by the following causes:

  • Problem with the endocrine glands : a failure in their functioning can cause alterations in our hormones.
  • Malfunction of the liver : this organ is responsible for cleaning both our blood and our body. Therefore, if the liver does not work properly, toxins and other substances that could cause an increase in acne would accumulate.
  • Shaving : when shaving we do not stop cutting the skin, which in sensitive faces and necks can be quite aggressive for our follicles so that these pimples end up appearing.
  • Weakened immune system : in this case, our body reacts with difficulty to external aggressions, which can cause as a consequence the appearance of pimples both in the neck and in other parts of the body.
  • Poor diet : a diet rich in fats and sugars can cause the pores of the skin to be accumulated with sebum, giving rise to the pimples in the neck.

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