Why Women Gain Weight After Marriage


Girls make themselves slim-trim for marriage, but after marriage, their waist size increases fast. Why does this happen Have you ever noticed this? Most girls take weight after marriage. There can be many reasons for this increased weight, such as a change in diet, change of hormones etc.

A research has shown that within a few years of marriage, the weight of 80 percent of the girl’s increases. When we took their views with the girls, he told that after marriage there is a lot of difference in lifestyle, which is a common practice to make many changes in the body.

Let’s know today why after marriage, especially women are victims of increasing weight. What are the changes that come in their lifestyle?

Change in Diet

After marriage, the girls seem to like eating more food, due to which the calcium and vitamin deficiency in their body begins to decrease. This can be one of the reasons for their weight gain.

Changes in Hormones

There is obviously a change in hormones after marriage. This is because women’s body is getting ready for pregnancy.

Frequent Outings

After marriage, honeymoon period starts where you forget about diet planning altogether and enjoy life. You also like to go out lot more often and for longer durations thus eating out becomes a reason for weight gain.


There are many changes in post-marriage life. Many times the person also faces many problems. After marriage, responsibilities get so much that it is difficult to take time for themselves. When there is stress, then the person feels hungry, so that the weight grows rapidly.

Changing the time of taking the diet

When the responsibilities increase after the marriage, the girls get very busy in work, due to which they can not pay attention to the time of taking their own diet. Not only this, the right time for their food and drinks disappears, due to which the weight gain is too lazy.

For these reasons, you increase your weight after marriage and you do not know when the weight goes out of hand. So please be happy while paying attention to your own health and try to eat healthy food.

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