Women & Moon: Cycles That Binds With Nature


We are cyclic beings – our life is formed by cycles that engage each other, in an ascending or descending spiral as our imagination takes us to Heaven or more to Earth. And the female cycles are connected to the lunar cycles about the Earth.Moon Women

Yes, because of our moon, the Moon, has cyclical movements, like all the planets above the Flat Earth.

The cycles of your body, woman – menstruation are all about lunar transits, with the passage of the Moon through the four main phases – growing, full, waning and new – and with variations according to the season. Because? Because they are life cycles and life responds to them in the same way: it sprouts in the spring, it blossoms in the summer, it ripens in the autumn and it reaches its end in the winter.

In older times, women in the same community had their cycles at the same time: giving birth was linked to the waning moon as well Menstruation, the time when the sap leaves the body, the moment when the forces of nature help in the descent of the baby.

This was, and is, a sacred relationship since it venerated life and fertility. It was not about impurity or filth, concepts that came to rule the world of men when they became “owners of land, animals, and people.” During menstruation, women used to take complete rest, taking total care of themselves.

But the right to rest during “those days” died with industrialization and the woman’s need to become part of the employer’s workforce, master.

But the needs of capitalism did not alter the organic needs, even though they were quite unbalanced.


It is no wonder that the lunar and menstrual cycle (average) has 28 days. When the female cycle does not follow the nature, you can be sure that there are problems – physical, hormonal, emotional – and discomfort.

The Moon Wanes: blood flows, the baby is born

On the New Moon: silence and peace, restoration

Growing Moon: The power of life, sap, hormones and the possibility of a new pregnancy

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