20 Wrong Habits That Lead To Weight Gain


Who among us has not thought about how to lose weight and keep a slim figure? And it seems that the way to harmony and beauty has long been known to everyone: you just need to exercise regularly, move more, restfully and, of course, adhere to the correct diet, eating more vegetables and fruits without overeating.


That’s only to lose weight, and even more to maintain weight, following these recommendations, not everyone succeeds. Why is this happening? According to dieticians, many bad habits interfere with the process of losing weight and even contribute to weight gain! Let’s study them and, quite possibly, the problem of excess weight will be solved much easier.

Here 20 wrong habits that causes weight gain:-

1. You sleep too much

It’s no secret that when you do not sleep enough, the hormone cortisol, the so-called stress hormone, begins to be actively produced. However, a lot of sleep is also harmful to the body. Modern scientists have found that regular sleep lasting more than 10 hours, threatens to increase the body mass index, that is, obesity. Not for nothing that scientists advise to sleep no more than 7-8 hours a day.

2. You go to bed late

This is another reason for weight gain. The fact is that the habit of lying down to sleep at midnight, and even later, increases anxiety and a tendency to depression, and also increases the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases. In turn, these negative factors increase the risk of obesity. That’s why to take for a rule to go to bed no later than 10:00 pm.

3. Are you going in the dark

When you wake up to work, do you dress without opening the blinds? Completely vain! Refuses to open the curtains after waking up and letting in the room the rays of the morning sun, we literally in 10-15 minutes start the metabolism, which contributes to weight loss. If you dress in the dark, you will not only lose weight but will also gain weight.

4. You do not set the bedding

It’s amazing, but it’s really so. Scientists from the American Sleep Association conducted a study that confirmed that a person who set the bed every morning and spreads it in the evening, sleeps much better. In addition, arranging the bed in the morning, we start the day with a little, but physical activity, and therefore, promote the launch of metabolic processes.

5. You do not weigh regularly

As per researches, daily morning check on scales helps to supervise own weight and even to grow thin! By the way, the morning time for weighing is not chosen by chance. Immediately after awakening, the body contains the least amount of water, which means that the weighing result will be the most accurate.

6. You Refuse Breakfast

For the most part, we start our day with a cup of coffee and a sandwich. And many people do not eat at all. But dieticians are sure – if you dream to lose weight or want to keep a slender figure, you must eat in the morning. And, breakfast should be as varied as possible, and make 500-600 kcal. In the morning diet should be slow carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and finish breakfast can be a small dessert. This start of the day will allow you to control your meals throughout the day.

7. You drink a little water

If during the day you drink a little water, the body begins to delay the exchange products, which interfere with full weight loss. Remember that the body removes toxins and fats, it is essential to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of liquid a day. And it is desirable that it is pure water, which is the most useful for the health of the body.

8. You drink from a plastic bottle

To saturate the body with the moisture we continuously carry a plastic bottle with water or drinks. But few people know that the plastic bottle contains a harmful substance – bisphenol A. It is proven that this toxic substance causes infertility in women and leads increasing body weight.

9. Do you like sweet soda?

Sweet soda water can nullify all your efforts to lose weight. Excessive amounts of sugar, combined with harmful acids – only a small part of the harm that these drinks cause the body. Those who strive for harmony, should once and for all give up these harmful beverages.

10. You do not drink green tea

If you aim to lose weight, then you should drink green tea regularly. This valuable source of antioxidants improves well-being and promotes motor activity, and the catechins contained in green tea accelerate metabolic processes in the body and burn fat, especially in the abdomen. Thus, if you want to lose weight, drink green tea at least 2 cups a day. A precaution is that people with dry skin should take green tea in moderation.

11. Do you enjoy diets

To lose weight, have you tried a dozen different diets? Most diets offered by modern nutritionists help to lose 5-7 kilograms as soon as possible, but they are simply not designed to support weight for a long time. As soon as you stop sticking to a diet, you will immediately return the lost pounds and maybe get more. That is why, if you intend to lose weight and keep weight in the long run, resort to no diets, and take the arsenal of proper nutrition.

12. You eat too fast

The habit of eating quickly, swallowing food, has a very adverse effect on your figure. The fact is that the stomach needs about 20 minutes to send a signal about satiety to the brain. If you eat very quickly, during this time have time to eat one and a half, or even two servings, which will lead to the accumulation of fat. If you wish to avoid this, eat slowly, chewing food carefully.

13. You love salted food

You will not be able to lose weight if you do not get rid of your passion for salty foods. Sometimes you do not even suspect how rich the sodium processed foods, different sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup), as well as frozen semi-finished products! Abstain from these foods and try to season your food with less salt. Very soon you will notice that your weight has declined.

14. You eat from a large plate

If you are accustomed to eating from a large plate, you will automatically impose a large portion of yourself, and eventually, become overweight. In this regard, try changing your dishes and using plates smaller diameter. Also, take as a rule, at one meal only eat what you have on your plate without asking for supplements.

15. You eat in front of the TV

This is another major reason which gets unnoticed and adds to extra pounds. When we eat, staring at the TV, our brain no longer controls the amount consumed. When the food for watching the next TV series becomes the norm, we start to recover, and all our efforts aimed at losing weight go wrong.

16. You do not keep a balance in nutrition

According to nutritionists, to lose weight and keep the weight within the desired range, it is not enough just to reduce the calorie content of food. Useful substances must enter the body in a certain proportion. Only, in this case, the body itself will regulate the level of accumulating fats. The optimal intake of food should look like this: 50% of vegetables, 35% of protein and 15% of fat.

17. You are too lazy to play sports

Everyone knows that the lack of motor activity leads to a slowdown in all metabolic processes in the body, as a result of which fats accumulate in the body. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to visit the gym regularly, but if you really have a desire to lose weight, you should overcome laziness and make yourself move more. You can take walks in the fresh air for 40-50 minutes, you can periodically give up the car and go to work on foot, or do not get to work a couple of blocks to move more. Believe me, all this is just necessary for losing weight!

18. You are fond of fast food

Here again, it is necessary to say about the proper nutrition, in particular, about the deficiency of vitamins. Many people do not pay enough attention to this aspect, eating fast foods, which is devoid of valuable vitamins contained in organic food. But it is vitamins called to control the level of cholesterol and sugar in the blood, thus preventing obesity. Take care that plant foods dominate your diet, and in the winter purchase vitamin complexes to support the body.

19. You keep too many temptations on the table

Having set yourself a goal to lose weight, you should take care not only of proper nutrition but also look at what lies in your kitchen. Remove from the table everything that can provoke you to overeat like cookies, sweets, and waffles. It is better to keep on the table fruits and vegetables, which you can eat without fear for the figure.

20. Swear that you will start losing weight “on Monday”

Deciding to fight for the beauty of the figure, do not give yourself any delays. This is only a manifestation of weakness, which you are trying to put off the beginning of proper nutrition. Have you decided? Start without delay, right here and now! Your determination today will help you overcome the desire to overeat tomorrow and the next days!
Be slim and beautiful!

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